Welcome to Better Stories!

We are accepting new patients and we are currently fully telehealth, stay healthy and be seen at home virtually for your mental health needs

While the Corona Virus COVID-19 situation continues, for your physical health, please stay at home, we can treat your mental health remotely here at Better Stories-Tripp Psychiatry LLC through video chat, all you need is your smartphone or a laptop with a webcam and microphone!


Working together looks like this:

* Multiple tools for mental health (e.g. medication, psychotherapy, exercise, and mindfulness activities) are explored, with an emphasis on care that is interactive and customized to best meet the individual needs of the person

* Your care involves us working together; you provide your life experiences and perspective, we use our skills and experience in psychotherapy, mindfulness, and psychopharmacology.

* Together we will create a treatment plan that we agree will help you reduce your emotional suffering, and yield a greater quality of life.

You can discover what to expect on your first visit.